My Favorite Tea Shop

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McNulty’s is an experience. It is a small shop filled with rows of glass containers each containing a different kind of tea. You’ll want to lift many lids and enjoy the smells of the teas. If you have questions, they will be happy to answer them. And when you’ve find made your selections, your teas will be poured into their white bags for you to take home and drink.

My favorite tea from McNulty’s is Flowery White Pekoe. It is full of flavor. It almost tastes like flowers (but in a good way).

If your life or travels don’t take you to Manhattan, you can order McNulty’s online. It will arrive quickly for you to enjoy.


  1. Rich

    I love McNulty’s! I like to go there with my wife. It’s one of those quirky, but fun Manhattan destinations that have been around forever.

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