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After seeing a big display of cold brew tea bags in the grocery store last week, I decided to do some research about the difference between a cold brew vs regular tea. I learned a cold brew tea is ground up to very small bits while your regular tea bag is not as finely ground. The cold brew bags tell me I can add cold water and simply let it steep for 2-4 minutes and have a delicious cup of cold tea. Well, I didn’t want to buy a new tea when I have so many at home, so I put a bag of Pomegranate White Tea into some cold water and in about 3 minutes I had delicious pink colored water.

After some researching, I found that regular tea bags work well for cold brew tea if they are left in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours or overnight. So, I tried China White Tea from McNulty’s and Wild Sweet Orange. This time I used two tea bags each with about 2 cups of water.

photo 1-47

Here are the results. China White Tea is on the left and Wild Sweet Orange is on the right. While they both look good, the China White Tea was very bitter, pretty much undrinkable. The Wild Sweet Orange was tasty. I am enjoying it while sharing this review.

My recommendation is give cold brewing a try with your favorite tea. Why not? If it doesn’t work out the way you like the first time, call it an experiment and try again.

If you decide to give cold brewing a try, I found this to be a helpful place for information.


  1. SusannahDB


    I understand. Some teas aren’t our favorites. I like to keep tasting because I do discover new teas that taste delicious. Keep trying and hopefully you’ll find something you love.

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