Worship Words for Pentecost


A word about how this call to worship might work. This will require a bit of planning and knowing your congregation. I picture the congregation facing forward and the gifts of the Holy Spirit coming from behind the congregation toward the front of the sanctuary. I’d like to have the visuals stay where they are visible for the whole service. They may even be utilized while talking with the children or preaching the sermon. Be creative and have fun! I would suggest having multiple readers but not having the congregation read responsively. This will allow the visuals time to move around the sanctuary before the next line is read.


Come, Holy Spirit, Come!

Live and move among us like a dove of peace!

(Enter the dove-possibly a fake dove on a stick that can “fly”, possibly a banner with a

dove on it that floats through the congregation, maybe even a real dove?!)

Swoop down. Surprise and delight us like a red kite.

(Enter someone flying a red kite through the sanctuary!)

Flash and flicker as our light of inspiration.

(Enter someone with flashlights or glow sticks or lanterns!)

Warm our hearts so we may be fire-filled followers.

(Enter someone carrying a lit candle!)

Come, Holy Spirit, Come!


Published on liturgy link on May 11, 2015.

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