Worship Words-A Prayer for Our Country

Gracious God, This is a time when we celebrate our country. And we are thankful for all the goodness in this place we call home. So much has happened in our country recently. Everyone has an opinion to share on the recent events in the USA. And many, many people have been sharing their words-some of these are joyful, some angry, some heartbroken, and some defensive. We often try to put words into your mouth, Holy One. Help us to stop and think before speaking for you. Encourage us to turn to your Word before claiming to speak for you. Remind us that you are the Creator of Love who calls us to love each other. You are the Compassionate One who calls us to live out compassion. You are the Great Listener who urges us to stop talking and start listening. Holy God, our country is divided, confused, overjoyed, and saddened. You call us to hold all these emotions together and live each one. You ask us to cry with all who mourn. You ask us to cheer with all who are rejoicing. You ask us to sit with all who need more time to understand and seek out your will. Because we have so much to see, hear, and do, be with us in this time of silent prayer as we listen for your voice and sit quietly with you. (time of silent prayer)

Eternal God, As we celebrate Independence Day, let us be thankful for the progress that has been made toward equality for all and strengthen us for the work that still needs to be done so all your children may be free. Amen.




This photo was taken by Sara Slade of Sara Slade Photography. I’d like to thank Sara for regularly sending me pictures of two very American foods that I do not prefer-hot dogs and orange soda.


  1. SusannahDB

    Just because I shared a picture of a hot dog doesn’t mean I’m going to start eating them. Don’t worry, Rich!

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