Racial Justice…Same as It Ever Was?

Sometimes I don’t know what to do or say in response to a situation. I listen to the news and pray for the people around the world whose stories draw media attention. I read stories and comments posted by my facebook friends and colleagues. The story that caught my attention this week was the arrest and death of Sandra Bland. I did not know her. I do not know all the facts of this story. What I do know is that too many people are dying needlessly and senselessly in this country. Last week my facebook feed featured stories of black churches burning and black clergywomen receiving death threats. And this morning I heard this song, Same as It Ever Was by Michael Franti and Spearhead. I felt like I could not remain silent about the black lives matter movement any longer. I firmly believe that we are all created in the image of God and we are all God’s beloved children. Saying black lives matter at this time in history does not diminish God’s love for all of us, instead it is a reminder that because we are called to care for each other we must speak out on behalf of those whose voices are being silenced.

I have so many questions. I want answers. I want to fix things. I want everyone in this country to have opportunities, to feel safe, to be loved, and to have enough.

I’m writing this to figure out what to say while recognizing there are no right words and knowing what needs to be said right now is that something needs to be done! So what am I doing? I’m writing this post in the hope it will encourage conversation and raise awareness. I’m participating in a new book group to study the history and current status of racism and using what I learn to change myself and to influence change in others. I’m learning from others and seeking out great resources like Showing Up for Racial Justice. And I’m wondering what you are doing? How can we partner to change things?

And, I’ll continue to pray. Join me in praying for our country.


  1. SusannahDB

    You are right, Elsa. I’m looking forward to being challenged and changed with the book group.

  2. Deb Krause

    Susannah- this is exactly the “white folk work” white pastoral leaders need to be doing. Thank you for your witness. Thank you for sharing. I will proudly share this on my wall. All the best with the study group. Much love and all respect, Deb

  3. SusannahDB

    Thank you for your witness too. Thank you for continuing to teach so many what it means to love God and follow Jesus!

  4. Thanks so much for the follow!

    I like that song by Michael Franti…I think it’s really sad that we have to say “Black Lives Matter” because *all* lives matter…God made each and every one of us for a reason and we as humans would do well to remember that.

    May I steal that video? 🙂

  5. SusannahDB

    Thanks for reading! I do believe that we all matter to God. At this point, some of God’s children seem to need a reminder about specific lives mattering just as much as others.
    The song by Michael Franti really touched me which is why I found it on you tube and shared it. I think it is a song that everyone needs to hear.

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