Thank you, God, for worms!

Thank you, God, for worms.

For years, I’ve want to have worms help me by eating things I’d otherwise throw away. At our last house, we had a compost pile. Living in town makes it more difficult to compost. Last week at Princeton Theological Seminary, I attended a seminar that inspired me to do it! So, after a little research our worm community was created. Currently our 12 worms are living on our screened in porch enjoying food and paper scraps. Hopefully, they’ll love their new home and help us be better stewards of our resources.
Creator of All, Thank you for worms who eat what we do not. Thank you for ideas that are finally implemented. Thank you for those who open our eyes to the many ways we can be better caretakers of your creation. Amen.



Our worm community’s home.


A couple of worms hiding among all their delicious food.


  1. Mary debenedetto

    Dear Susannah,
    Great idea! I love worms too, but I have not yet made a home for them. Maybe now I can be inspired.
    Love, Mary d.

  2. SusannahDB

    You should create a home for your worms. It is so easy and they love to eat the food that would otherwise go waste. Give it a try!

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