Images of Grace: An Inspirational Coloring Book

I searched for a coloring book that would inspire me with its words and images.  Images of Grace: An Inspirational Coloring Book by Jacqui Grace combines Scriptures, song lyrics, and saying with shapes you’ll want to color. I’ve just begun using this book and I know it will be a Sabbath staple. Not only is coloring fun, it is also good for you.
Have you embraced coloring as an adult? If so, what are you coloring?


  1. Pat

    Thanks! I have begun to do some coloring while I rest. It. Is good therapy for me as I heal. I am so grateful to be alive, but frustrated by the slow process of getting really well.

  2. SusannahDB

    Pat, I’m glad that you are coloring. I am grateful you are alive! Prayers for you and your family as you continue to heal and praying that God grants you patience when things are not moving at the pace you’d prefer. I hope the coloring helps you to feel productive and peaceful!

  3. Pat

    I have ordered the book. I am getting better, released by cognitive and physical therapists. Went to water aerobics today! Thanks for your prayers. I still have a ways to go.


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