Worship Words-A Prayer for Sabbath


Sabbath is a practice, ritual, and way of life I have preached and lived throughout my ministry. I owe a huge thank you to my husband for his recent observation that I was working everyday and not observing Sabbath. Thanks to that friendly reminder Sabbath is part of my life again. For me, Sabbath is a clock-free day of rest and renewal. I pray. I read. I gaze out the window or take a long walk. I write. I say no to things and work I can do on other days. I take my time drinking my cups of tea. I reconnect with loved ones and enjoy silence. I remember that God rested and I can too.

On this Sabbath I pray you have Sabbath as part of your life and if not, that you make time for it. Although it is hard to start, I find that I accomplish more on weeks I take Sabbath than on weeks I do not. So try it! And remember to be kind to yourself and flexible as you seek to orient your time as God imagined.

Pray with me.

Creator of All, As you created you saw it was good and you were pleased with your work, and so you took a day to rest. You have commanded us to do the same. God, it is so hard in our busy world to stop. It feels like we are already behind and so we must keep going or we’ll never catch up. (Take a deep breath and have a moment of silence). Loving God, you show us another way. A way that reminds us we are not you and the world can keep going without us. You show us that we were created for work and rest, to be creative and use our gifts, and to stop regularly. Gracious God, Sabbath reminds us to be present-here and now. Sabbath reminds us that most things can wait. Sabbath reminds us to focus on our relationship with you. Faithful God, Bless our Sabbath. May it ring with laughter and silence. Fill us with your peace and give us rest. Amen.


  1. SusannahDB

    We all need this reminder. And I hope it helps you to find time and space to slow down!

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