A Prayer for Our Offerings

When I served in churches, I would be asked to lead the prayer after the offering very often. Sunday after Sunday I tried to find a new way to say the same thing. Everything we have is a gift from God and at this point in our worship service we are returning what we think is ours to God. Some weeks I would write out the words before worship. Some weeks I would pray the Holy Spirit would be with me as I closed my eyes and prayed without notes. Some of my churches had the congregation pray the words together which meant they had to be written out and in the bulletin. In my files, I found these words I wrote which sum up what I hope I prayed every week.


Gracious God,

We present to you our tithes and offering knowing you have great plans for the money we give.  We, also, offer ourselves for your service knowing you have great plans for each of us.  Use what we have given and use us to share your love with this hurting and hopeful world.  Amen.

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