Worship Words-So Many People For Whom to Give Thanks!

I believe we were created to be in relationship with each other. Too often, I ignore this and try to do everything myself. When I get too far into the “I CAN DO ALL THINGS” mindset, something happens to remind me that I need other people. This week that reminder came from a flat tire. How many people do I need to help me with a flat tire? My husband, AAA person, co-worker to give me a ride, brother-in-law to offer new tire advice, my parents, my sister, and the mechanics who are putting on my new tires while I write this. I’m going to round that to about 10 people. How many people do you need to help you through the challenges in life? The number and the names of some of the people change depending on the challenge I am facing. I am thankful for all those who help me through each day. So today, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving for relationships and communities of caring.

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Loving God, You love us and you urge us to love each other. Thank you for all the important relationships in our lives. Thank you for our families-the ones we created, the ones we are given, and the ones we long for. Thank you for our friends-new ones, old ones, best ones, and all types of friends. Thank you for our church family who walks with us through the joys and sorrows of life. Thank you for all our loved ones and all who we love. Thank you for all our communities of caring. Thank you for neighbors who live nearby and people who treat us like a neighbor. Thank you for strangers who chat with us at the store or help in an emergency. Thank you for work and school colleagues. Thank you for those whose hard work puts healthy food on our tables and whose hard work keeps us safe. Help us to notice and thank all those who walk this journey with us. Thank you for reminding us that we don’t have to live life alone. For all your love and for all who loves us, we give you thanks. Amen. 


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