Well Rested Herbal Tea

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Normally, I am not a huge fan of sleepy teas. They often taste “good for me” and make me feel like I am being forced to go to sleep. I feel the opposite about this tea. I enjoy drinking it. It makes me feel calm (without being pushy about it!). It is a mixture of so many different ingredients (chamomile flowers, lemon grass, spearmint leaves, tilia flowers, peppermint leaves, passionflower leaves, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn berries, and rosebuds) that surprising work well together. If you enjoy a cup of tea before bed, I would highly recommend giving this tea a try.


  1. Erin T

    I am pretty sure this is repackaged by Celestial Seasons (as are most if not all of TJs teas). Does it taste different from Sleepytime Tea? I have some Sleepytime Extra that is very effective due to the EXTRA herb(?) Valarian. I would like to find a tea that is calming without making me sleepy. Tension Tamer used to be my go to for that, but I can’t find it as much.

  2. SusannahDB

    Erin, I need to do a comparison between this tea and Sleepytime. I did not know that Celestial Seasons and Trader Joe’s teas were the same. Thanks for the information. I have never tried Tension Tamer, but I’ll add that to my sampling list too. Sometimes I find that the ritual of making tea and holding the warm mug in my hands is calming. I like to smell the tea (when it is too hot to drink) and let the steam rise into my face. Just taking a few deep breaths with the tea helps me to slow down and be a little calmer.

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