We Are Called to Remember!

Today would have been my buddy, Rev. Kristi Foster’s 44th birthday. She died at the age of 39 from colon cancer. She was fearless with an amazing love of life and a strong faith. Her family and friends were so important to her and you knew she loved you. In celebration of her life, I’m sharing this list I created in 2013 of some of the times I miss my friend!

Moments when I miss my friend-

when I listen to a CD you made

when life is awesome

when life stinks

when something funny happens

when I need to make a big decision

when I can’t believe what one of God’s beloved children just did/said

when it is Thursday pizza night

when a Friends reference seems appropriate

when The Amazing Race is on

when I just want to hear your voice

when I have to go camping

when I make salsa-with or without a wooden spoon

when I have a veggies only day

when I enjoy a glass of wine I know you would enjoy

when I have a guess what my niece did story-Aunts rock!

when I’m lost and in need of a reminder of my call

when I need a laugh or a good cry

when I need a partner in crime

when I discover a fun new place to eat, hear a great new song, or see a fun new tv show

when my long hair drives me crazy and I want to chop it off-I remember I started growing it out to donate as soon as I heard you had cancer

whenever the Blue Women sing

when I remember one of our crazy trips (Geneva, Taize, Scotland, road trips!)

when I pull something out of the trash to recycle it

when I use cloth napkins

when I cannot remember something I know you would remember in great detail

when I hear your voice still saved on my voicemail

when I remember my wedding or your wedding

when I wear stripes

when I see your picture.


Loving God, thank you for all those we love. We miss those who are gone. Today, I am missing my dear friend. Thank you for the many years of friendship we had. I lift up to you in prayer all who love her and miss her. Mend our broken hearts. Amen.


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