Today is All Saints’ Day


Today is All Saints’ Day. This is a day when we remember and give thanks for everyone throughout the centuries who has shared their faith with the next generation. Today we are thankful for our ancestors of faith in biblical times, the saints we’ve known in our lives, and everyone in between. When we say saints, some people think that only applies to certain important people of faith. In fact the opposite is true. We are all saints of God doing our best to live our faith and share our faith with others.

Today, I encourage you to take a moment to remember a saint you have known who is no longer with us and a saint you never knew. You can give thanks for someone whose name you know or someone whose name is now known only by God. As people of faith it is important for us to remember that our faith was passed down to us and it is our job to pass it on to others.

I’d love to know more about the saints you are remembering today.


  1. Susan Harry

    So that is is exactly what I am praying and thinking about today but in the context of youth ministry and my ministry at Reisterstown UMC. I have been feeling very down the last few days that the momentum around the youth program is some what dwindleling. I feel like the only cheerleader.
    Then I read this…
    It is not up to me it is up to God. Thanks friend.

  2. Jim Bresette

    All Saints Day is a very important day of reflection on the saints past, those who are with us now and those saints who will come after us. Among all the saints, I single out three saints I routinely honor on this day. They have all been instrumental in helping build and shape my faith through their love, teaching and example. Though they have all passed from this world, the Holy Spirit moved mightily through these three. Thank you Abba Father for my grandmother Gladys, my step-father Peter and my father-in-law Curt. Their quiet contributions to me, their families and countless others are remembered on this day and reflected in my life. In the name of your Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

  3. SusannahDB

    Glad these words were just what you needed to hear today. I am thankful for you and your ministry! You are not alone!

  4. SusannahDB

    Thanks for sharing your three saints.
    On this day, I always remember and give thanks for my friend, Kristi, my grandparents, my godparents, Rich’s grandparents, and the wonderful people of the many congregations that have helped me grow my faith!

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