Tea on the Tiber

Drinking tea forces me to slow down. I cannot gulp down a huge mug of hot tea. I must wait. Last week, I had the pleasure of enjoying a tea party with a dear friend. We slowed down. We savored. We laughed. We talked and listened. And, we drank tea. We stayed so long that we each managed to drink two pots of tea!


I enjoyed Earl Grey Supreme. Yum. I did add a sugar cube to my tea for some extra sweetness. Our server warned me that I’d never be able to drink regular Earl Grey again. I haven’t tested out her theory yet. My tea party friend enjoyed her Black Currant tea. It was a little too sweet for me (says the person who added a sugar cube to her tea).


Our afternoon of fun took place at Tea on the Tiber in Ellicott City, Maryland. If you find yourself in Ellicott City and want to share a cup of tea, give me a call and I will join you.

IMG_4359 IMG_4361 IMG_4363

My pictures from the day include multiple pictures of the sunny room where we didn’t have tea and the library where we also didn’t have tea. We were on the second floor. We did take a walk up the steep stairs to the third floor which is a tea room and play room for children. It made me want to host a children’s tea party!


While I may not be able to enjoy a cup of tea at Tea on the Tiber with all my readers, I do hope this post inspires you to slow down, spend some time with a friend, laugh a little (or a lot), and enjoy a favorite beverage!


  1. Susan

    Truly a great day! We need to do it again. Just the thing I needed in a crazy week.
    Thank you my friend.

  2. Hello Susannah – I’ve been enjoying your Tea and Theology blog, as I’m a tea lover too! I don’t know if you remember me from our Wisconsin pastor’s trip to Chiapas, MX, but somehow I found your blog when I was searching for something about tea and spirituality, and was glad to find you. Thank you for your reflections. Tea on the Tiber looks lovely. If I’m ever in the area I’ll take you up on the offer to have tea there. (:

  3. SusannahDB

    Abby, They did sell Downton Abbey tea at this tea shop. So, it was like we had the Crowley’s seal of approval!

  4. SusannahDB

    It was a great day. If only we could have a tea date every week, life would be so much easier. Thanks for introducing me to Tea on the Tiber.

  5. SusannahDB

    Thanks so much for reading. I do remember you from our time in Chiapas. I hope you are doing well. I’d love to share a cup of tea with you and catch up the next time we find ourselves in the same state! -Susannah

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