Stopping By a Church

I love visiting churches. I love hearing stories from church members as they celebrate their history and their hopes for the future. Earlier this summer, my Dad and I were walking through Ketchikan, Alaska and discovered St. John’s Episcopal Church was open to visitors. We opened the door and climbed the steps to step into their sanctuary. We were greeted by a very welcoming church member who told us the history of her church.
In 1904, when the church building was completed, it was at the water’s edge. You could tie your boat up at the front door and come into worship. As the town has expanded they have created land farther into the water and now you can drive or walk to the church. I took pictures of some of the stained glass windows that date from the 1930s.
I recommend you stop in the next time you pass a church that is open for visitors. You never know what or who you might meet inside.
Loving God, Thank you for your faithful communities across the world who share your love. Thank you for open doors and open hearts. Give us the courage to stop and strike up a conversation. Open our eyes to see you in each other. Amen.


  1. Susan Harry

    I’m so proud of you that you continue to write and create! I love your whispers of God in everyday life.
    Thanks Friend

  2. SusannahDB

    I can see you enjoying visiting churches as much as I do!
    Keep on exploring!

  3. SusannahDB

    You know I love writing. Thanks for reading! This project helps me remember to look for God everyday in the everyday!
    Thank you!

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