Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla

Each day my morning starts with a cup of black tea. Recently, I was running low on black tea, so I went to the store hoping to find some Lady Grey. When my favorite morning tea was not available, I began searching for an alternative. Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla caught my eye. On the back it is described as, “Long-leaf Assam black tea perfectly balanced with the delicate flavor of vanilla.” When I saw it was also Rainforest Alliance Certified, I thought it was worth a try.

The first thing you’ll notice about this tea is the strong scent of vanilla. Don’t worry. Although the vanilla smells like it will be overwhelming, it is subtle and a perfect compliment. The black tea shines through making this tea a great start to my morning. I do recommend not over steeping as the black tea tastes bitter when steeped too long. I recommend about 3 minutes.

I hope you’ll give Pure Leaf Black Tea with Vanilla a try. What teas are you drinking and enjoying?


  1. Tammy

    Lately, we have been enjoying a lemon with Ginger tea in the evenings. It is soothing to our throats, as we all are fighting a bit of a cold with a cough. šŸ™‚ Hope you are well. Tammy

  2. SusannahDB

    That sounds tasty. I hope the tea is soothing your throats, and I hope you are all healthy again soon.
    I am well and thank you so much for reading!

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