Worship Words-Wisdom Call to Worship and Opening Prayer



One-Wisdom is calling.

All-Are we listening?

One-Wisdom is begging us to pay attention.

All-Are we listening?

One-Wisdom is crying out.

All-Are we listening?

As I offer our opening prayer this morning, I invite you to try something different. Keep your eyes open and look at those worshiping with you. Let us pray- God, we are listening for you. Speak to us. Help us hear your Wisdom. God, we are looking for you. Help us see you in others including those who share our worship space this morning.  God, we want to act on what we see and hear, so fill our hearts with compassion for your children around the world and this beautiful planet we call home. Amen.


These worship words were inspired by this week’s reading from Proverbs 1:20-33.


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