Worship Words-We Are Forgiven


On Sunday, the Cooperative Youth Ministry will be talking about and practicing forgiveness. Since forgiveness is on my mind today, I wrote this prayer of confession. Whenever I write a prayer of confession, it is always a joy to write the assurance. This is the time in the service when you get to showcase God’s amazing mercy and forgiveness. May we all forgive as extravagantly as we have been forgiven.

Loving God, We seek forgiveness from you, from each other, and from ourselves. Our sins may be different. What unites us is our honest declaration that we have sinned as individuals and as a congregation. We come together as a community to confess our sins and seek forgiveness and reconciliation. Hear now our silent prayers of confession.

Friends in Christ, Hear this good news. God hears our prayers. God forgives us. Now our work is to forgive ourselves and each other and strive to be a reconciling community of faith. Amen.

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