Worship Words-In Remembrance…

In Remembrance..
We have so much to remember. Because I can’t remember everything, I appreciate the many ways I am reminded of what is important. Today, Facebook reminded me that 2 years ago we buried my grandmother. Facebook shared silly and serious family pictures we took that day. I am thankful that Facebook reminds me of people and events I shared in the past. And communion gives me time to pause and remember. The song, In Remembrance of Me, reminds me that when we gather at Christ’s table we do it to remember.
As people of faith, we are not called to live in the past. We are called to live in the now. We are called to “search for truth and always love.” We are called to work toward a future of justice for all. We do this by remembering, by learning from our communities, by listening, and by opening our eyes and our hearts to the needs of each other.
As we remember, let us pray.
God of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, Your ability to remember is amazing. Ours fails us sometimes. Thank you for ancient rituals and modern inspirations that keep us grounded and in touch with our ancestors and our memories. Give us courage to learn from the past. Give us courage to live boldly as your beloved now. Give us courage to dream big dreams of the future that can be. In remembrance of Jesus, we live and pray. Amen.
While I cannot remember what was happening before and while this picture was taken, it remains one of my favorite pictures from the day of Grandmother’s service. A big thank you to my sister for this awesome memory!

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