Worship Words-Engaging Scripture with Sharpies


I am always looking for new ways for my youth to engage their faith. My favorite ideas don’t require many supplies or much preparation and can be adapted for any age. And, I recently found a way to engage Scripture that uses Sharpies. What’s not to love?


This idea is not my own. Credit for this idea is given to Adam at pomomusings.com. I was so inspired by this idea that I needed to share it because you’ll want to add it to your worship life too. It could work well for individual meditation, with a small group, or even in worship on a Sunday morning.


Supplies Needed-

Black Sharpies for everyone. Ideally one fine point and one broad point.

Newspaper to put under your work to keep everything clean.

Prints out of the Scripture.


Depending on the space you are using, you might line the tables with newspaper or hand each person a piece of newspaper. The newspaper is only there to keep the Sharpie from transfering onto something you don’t want it on.


When everyone has a handout of the Scripture, shapies, and newspaper under their work, begin with an explanation like this-

We are going to be exploring a piece of Scripture today. We’ll read the passage together aloud (or you can ask for volunteers to read it verse by verse). And then we’ll read it silently to ourselves. What words or phrases jump out at you? Circle them or draw a box around them. Read it again to yourself. Do more words or phrases speak to you? If so, circle or draw a box around them. After you’ve found the words that have caught your attention, take the thick Sharpie and black out the remaining words. Read the words that are remaining. Offer them as a silent prayer. When others have finished, ask for volunteers to read their words out loud.

It has been suggested that this method of engaging Scripture is much like lectio divina with paper and markers. I used this way of praying and diving into Scripture as a devotion to start a meeting recently. Everyone participated and expressed their surprise at how it opened their eyes to what God might be saying to each one of them. So, why not give this a try? If you want, you can share what Scripture you used and what God was saying to you. 


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