Worship Words-A Thanksgiving Sermon for All Ages


I was hoping we could brainstorm together for a minute.  I’d like for us to come up with a list of things that change and a list of things that are always the same.  So what things change?  (If no response, how old were you a year ago?  Our age changes doesn’t it?)  What things stay the same?  This might be harder for some of us to answer.  I’ve got one answer.  I’m sure about this one.  God’s love for us.  It is constant.  It never changes.

Change can be hard, some things change that we don’t want to change.  And other things we wish would change.  The thing that stays the same through all of this is God’s love for us.  And since Thanksgiving is coming up very soon, I have something for you to take with you.  You can think about this and work on it with your families if you would like.  What does it say at the top of the paper?  Dear God, I’m so thankful for…  You can write or draw what you want to thank God for and remember to include on this that you are thankful that God always loves you!  

Let’s pray together.

God, you love us everyday of the week and every week of the year.  Thank you for loving us.  We have so much to be thankful for.  Remind us to be people who are thankful.  Thank you, God for everything.  Amen.

Items Needed-

A piece of paper for each person present with “Dear God, I’m so thankful for…” printed at the top. You could also use a small pack of sticky notes for this same idea.

This is adapted from a children’s sermon that was part of worship at St. Giles Presbyterian Church on November 21, 2010.

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