Worship Words-A Prayer of Frustration

All of us get frustrated. Maybe this prayer doesn’t reflect your feelings today or maybe it is exactly how you feel today. Whenever you are feeling frustrated, let this prayer be your prayer.


Sometimes I get so frustrated with other people. Why do they say one thing and do another? Why do they hurt each other? Why do they not give enough money to the church and other worthwhile organizations? Why do they ignore the pain in the world? Why do they start arguments and never listen? Why won’t they volunteer? Why do they only care about themselves?

Oh God, I hear you. I am they. These faults I see in others are my faults. Forgive me. Help me forgive others. Help me forgive myself. Ease my frustration with all your children including myself. In the merciful name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.




  1. Jim

    Suckered me in like Lucy Van Pelt suckers Charlie Brown every time with that dang football. Drats!

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