Worship Words-A Prayer for Sleep

It is useless to get up early
and stay up late in order to earn a living.
God takes care of God’s own, even while they sleep. -Psalm 127:2

I love sleep. I believe sleep is God’s gift to us. While we sleep, our bodies can renew, relax, and recharge. When I don’t get enough sleep, I am not at my best. (This is probably the understatement of the year!) Last week, I had to set my alarm for 2:15am to catch a flight. I’m sure other people were just getting to sleep at the time I needed to wake up. Changing time zones and sleeping in a strange bed always throw me off. All of these changes to my schedule has me thinking about sleep. So today’s prayer is a prayer for sleep for all of us who need more sleep!

God of All Hours,

You created Sabbath, and you created sleep. You beg us to slow down and rest. You urge us to shut off the lights, crawl under the covers, and stop worrying. Today we pray for sleep for all who need it. We pray for safety and your protection for those who have nowhere safe to lay their heads. We pray for sleep for the children and babies who refuse to nap or go to sleep at night. We pray for those in hospitals who want to rest and can’t due to tests and noise. We pray for those who work overnights and must try to sleep during the day. We pray for each other knowing that if we could all get a good night of sleep the world would be a more cheerful place tomorrow. God, grant us rest! Amen.



  1. Jim

    Great advice and a great gift from the Greatest Clinician. I think I’ll sleep on it.

  2. Pat

    Love this. I always enjoy your writings, but this one really hit me. I have had some really bad nights since my brain surgeryand really needed some sleep. Will to remember this prayer instead of tossing and turning. Thanks! Pat

  3. SusannahDB

    Praying for you as you continue to recover. I hope the bad nights become less frequent. Be kind to yourself as you heal.

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