Worship Words-A Prayer for Planners


Did you plan what you’d create each day? Did you make a spreadsheet or action plan to create most effectively? How much pre-planning is required when you are God?

I admit it, God. I plan. I organize. I make lists. I like to know what is going to happen when. And sometimes I get frustrated by those who don’t plan. No, that’s not true and prayers should be true. People who don’t plan make me frustrated all the time.

Surprising God, I need you to help me utilize my gift of planning and preparedness in ways that are helpful. I need you, Merciful One, to grant me patience and mercy for the non-planners in my life and in my work. Keep me flexible and open to surprises when I go off schedule. And maybe sometimes, help those in my life to plan a little. Is this a case where all things in moderation would be helpful in my life? Maybe so, God, maybe so. I’ll keep trying and keep asking for forgiveness. In your mercy, hear my prayer. Amen.


PS-This planner loves her passion planner.


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