Worship Words-A Litany of Compassion


We need to see as God sees. Noticing our connection one to another. Acknowledging each person is a child of God. As I watch the news, I wonder how to stop the violence. It seems easier to harm someone when we see that person as other or stereotype a person as fitting into a category we don’t like. What if we began by acknowledging we are all beloved children of God? Or we are all human? Are we all exactly the same? No! I believe God delights in our differences and loves each of us.

How can we stop the violence?

By promising to see each other.

By promising to love each other.

By promising to listen to each other.


A Litany of Compassion

One-I promise to see you as a beloved child of God.

All-We promise to see each person as a beloved child of God.

One-I promise to listen to you and not assume I know your story.

All-We promise to listen to each other and hear your stories.

One-I promise to love you and support you living your life.

All-We promise to love each other and support each one in living our own lives.

One-Let us embody the words of 1 John 4:11.

All-“Friends, since God loves us so much, we also ought to love one another.” Amen.



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