Who Knows Your Story?

This week I read this piece about what is lost when a loved one dies. And the sentence that stayed with me is “You lose some of your story.” I have lost many people who held part of my story. I miss them and the stories they took to the grave with them. In an effort to attempt to recall some of those stories I have been reading old emails. I invite you to travel back in time with me to March 2008 when two best friends shared this email exchange. Thank you for sharing part of my story and allowing me to share part of yours.

Susannah DeBenedetto wrote:
Of course I do.  Do I think I can go, probably not. Let me just bask in how awesome that would be. In fact it would probably even be legend—-wait for it—dary! Can you get a job at the ranch and sneak me in next year?
Kristi Foster wrote:
Going to a 12 day session at the ranch. $1200
Plane fare. . .$400?
Meeting one of the Indigo Girls with Suz…priceless
It would be awesome to go and awesome if I could get a job there.  Let me work on that!
Susannah DeBenedetto wrote:
Can you imagine meeting one of the IG? Seriously, that would be amazing and I’m sure the workshop would be phenomenal.  Wow.  I’m sure I can totally talk the session into this!  (ha ha ha!)
Kristi Foster wrote:
Personally, I’m hoping to be in between jobs and in possession of a winning lottery ticket. . . .which, by the way, would pay for y’all to have a new hot tub.  And we could probably book the IG for a private concert (I’m thinking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of lottery ticket).
🙂 K
Susannah DeBenedetto wrote:
 If you are going to win the lottery, win big! 100,000 dollars, what is the point?  Go for 350 million instead.  Of course you will share it with needy individuals, so the money won’t be wasted!
Please God, hear the prayer of our sister, Kristi.
Help her to win the lottery so she can buy me a hot tub, book a private concert with the IG (which of course I would be invited to) and help your poor children around the world.  Thank you, God, for granting this wish, I mean prayer.  Amen.!
Kristi Foster wrote:
I meant hundreds of millions.  I agree, think big or go home!
Susannah DeBenedetto wrote:
I like the way you (and I) think!  Good to know we can still share a brain. What are you still doing at work?

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