What You Do is Appreciated

Not too long ago I had a call from my supervisor asking me to stop by her office. Maybe you are one of those people whose mind doesn’t jump to the worst case scenario immediately. I am not. While driving to her office, I wondered what I had done wrong. Had I missed visiting a new patient? Did I offend a patient or family member? Did I chart incorrectly? The questions ran through my mind as I tried and tried to figure out why I was being called to her office. When I arrived, she thanked me for my work and gave me a bag full of goodies as appreciation for all the good work I was doing. I shared with her how I had been worried the entire time I was driving to her office. We laughed. I wish I could say that I learned my lesson and never worry about being called to the office. It isn’t true. I try. And because I felt so much love and appreciation when I received this bag of goodies, I wanted to share it with you. Know that you are loved and the work you do makes a difference in the lives of many others. You are enough. You are God’s beloved.








  1. Mary debenedetto

    dear Susannah,
    Indeed, you are very much appreciated for your unique God given thoughtfulness and many talents! YZouare blessed and loved by many others.
    Mary and Peter DeBenedetto

  2. SusannahDB

    I appreciate the two of you very much. Thank you, Mary and Peter, for being a constant support in my life. Missing you this holiday season and sending lots of love across the country!

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