Thompson’s Family Teas – Irish Breakfast Blend

On a recent trip to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, I was browsing at a shop called, A Little Irish Too, when I spotted Thompson’s Family Teas. I was so excited because the Thompson side of my family traces their roots back to Ireland. It seems that my family of origin loves tea a much as I do.


I’m happy to recommend this tea and not just because of the name. It brews up a dark, rich color. The tea smells like Irish fields after the rain. (This is a guess since I have never been to Ireland. Sounds like I need to plan a trip there for research for my blog). The tea is smooth and delicious. This is now my favorite Irish Breakfast Tea.



  1. Jamesina

    Thompson’s is one of my favorites too. I have converted from a mostly coffee drinker to a mainly tea drinker over the last few years. When I need a coffee-ish kick, I turn to this tea for a pick me up.

  2. SusannahDB

    I’m glad to know someone else enjoys Thompson’s as much as I do. Most weekday mornings I take a cup of this with me as I run out the door. Thanks for reading!

  3. Mary

    I am so happy to see this about the Thompson Irish Tea as, I, too love it. Unfortunately, I can no longer find anyone who carries it. I have contacted the store where I had previously purchased as well as searched online. I live in Philadelphia, Pa., and would love to know the name of the store in Gettysburg where you purchased it. Or ANYWHERE else in the States I could order it from. Again, thank you for this post.

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