Taiwanese Tea


This tea is a special gift from one of my readers. He was given this tea as a gift and knew I would enjoy it. I would like to thank everyone who had a hand in the long process of that has led to me enjoying this cup of tea.

Here’s the story that is on the tin of tea.

Taiwanese Tea

This specific tin of tea is not available anywhere in Taiwan but only from my friend’s reserve stock. Their family grows the tea on their own mountain, process, and package the tea. They do not sell the tea, but only use them at home or give as gifts to guests and close friends. While the tea is not anywhere near the best tea in Taiwan, the story and efforts behind its production make it special. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Since this tea didn’t come with any steeping directions, I let it steep for 1 minute as I do my husband’s favorite green tea. The tea smells like harvest-time on my grandparent’s farm. It tastes earthy in a subtle way. It tastes different than other green teas I’ve sampled. It leaves no bitterness or strange after taste on the tongue. I like it. If you’d like to sample this delicious tea, you are going to have to come visit me and we’ll share a cup of this special tea together.



  1. Mary debenedetto

    Dear Susannah,
    I hope you and I can share this tea when we come for the holidays next month!
    Mary D.

  2. SusannahDB

    We can have a different type of tea every day you are here. We might have to drink more than one cup a day so I can share all my favorites with you. Very much looking forward to your visit!

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