Our Place in God’s Universe-Reflection on Psalm 8

The Psalm for this week is Psalm 8. I love this Psalm because it reminds me of how big God’s creation is and how small my part is in that creation while also reminding me that my part is important and essential. I heard this Psalm read by children and youth leading worship on a church family retreat by the water at Camp Albemarle. I have read this Psalm at the bedside of  hospice patients. I have joined in singing this Psalm with congregations big and small. I have read this Psalm by myself while enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. 

This Psalm brings me joy as it reminds me of all that God has created including me. This Psalm renews my call to care for all of creation from the youngest to the oldest of God’s children, the animals, plants, and all species living on this planet, and the amazing universe I’ll only ever see in pictures. This Psalm inspires me to see beyond myself to notice and appreciate the gifts of others. This Psalm calls me to get my hands dirty by planting herbs and vegetables and pulling weeds and caring for my worms.

I’m wondering how this Psalm inspires you? And if this Psalm doesn’t speak to you, what words of Scripture call to you?

Pray with me-
Creator of All, You amaze us everyday with your imagination. How did you create so many animals and so many plants? How did you create so many humans that are so similar and so different? How did you do it all, God? You call us to co-create with you. You don’t call us to do it all. You ask us to do our part, to use our gifts for you and for each other. And today, God, we rededicate ourselves to your service. We recognize that you see possibilities in us that we fail to see in ourselves, so open our eyes to our gifts and open our ears to others who see the good in us. And then help us to find our place in this world where we may share with each other. Thank you for loving us! Amen.

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