Getting Back on Track This Lenten Season

Today is Ash Wednesday. This is the first of our 40 day journey toward Easter. There are many ways to observe this season, and I invite you to consider waiting, using post-its, or whatever method works for you to use this time intentionally to grow in your faith. I will be removing 40 things from my home as I do each Lent. And, I will be getting back on track with a few spiritual practices that I have been neglecting. So on this Ash Wednesday, I ask for forgiveness for the ways I have fallen behind in what I intend to do. This Lenten Season will be a time to reset, begin again, and extend the same grace to myself as I extend to others.

However you plan to observe this season I hope this time will help you grow in your faith and strength your relationship with the Creator. Peace be to you, this Lenten Season.


  1. Jibriil

    Amen. This is a reviving and renewal moment. Assumptions aside I am a new creation and the past is past and the Lord says “see I am doing a new thing”. Amen.

    I am highly blessed by this short but in-depth message.

    Blessings, Jibriil.

  2. M. Debenedetto

    Dear Susannah,
    Thank you! I needed that! I want a reboot on better, renewed intentions as well as behaviors.
    love and Prayers,
    Mary D.

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