Book Review-Sight in the Sandstorm


Sight in the Sandstorm: Jesus in His World and Mine

Ann J. Temkin

Emotional Response-4

Scholarly Response-4

The concept of this book fascinated me. Almost every chapter shares a story from the author’s life that she parallels to a story from Scripture.  She gives us a glimpse into life in 1st century Palestine while showing us that some things haven’t changed enough. Often she picked a Scripture text to walk alongside her story that was not the one I would have picked. I loved this. I enjoyed guessing what Scripture she’d select. When I was correct, I felt like we were seeing Scripture similarly. When I guessed wrong, I felt like the author was challenging and expanding my reading of Scripture.

I enjoyed her storytelling. She does not simply retell the Biblical stories. She adds details so you can see it. She gives voice to the characters (many whose words and thoughts are not shared with us in Scripture). The connection exists between her stories and the Bible stories because she tells both in the same way and style.

Once we have moved past Palm Sunday, the stories become only about Jesus and life in the 1st century (Chapters 15-17). I was saddened and disappointed by this change. Although the stories of the cleansing of the temple, the Last Supper, the betrayal and arrest, and the crucifixion are difficult, I wanted to know how she would use her life stories alongside these stories. When Easter comes, she returns to sharing her stories again. The book ends with the celebration of Pentecost.

Overall, I highly recommend this book. It is well-researched, well-written, and a fun read. I’d recommend this book to you if you’d like to look at Scripture in a new way. I’d recommend this book to you if you’d like to find a way to relate life today to the life of Jesus. I’d recommend this book to you if you love a good story.


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