Book Review-My Baptism Book

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My Baptism Book Sophie Piper and Dubravka Kolanovic

I love baptisms. I love baptizing someone and watching the water drip down their forehead and sometimes their face. I love seeing someone be baptized and saying the baptismal promises out loud with all those witnessing the baptism. I love seeing pictures of people’s baptisms.

Four years ago, I was watched as my Dad baptized my niece, Ella Marie. I participated in her baptism by making promises as one of her godmothers. It is a very special memory for me. One of the gifts we gave her is her own copy of My Baptism Book. This is my favorite baptism gift. On these pages you’ll find Scripture readings in kid-friendly language, prayers and wise words from our ancestors in the faith and wise people of today. You’ll see beautiful artwork. You’ll read many names for God. Whatever your age, this book will remind you that you are a beloved child of God. I highly recommend this book as a gift for others and a gift for yourself.


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