Book Review-Dancing with Jesus

Dancing with Jesus by Sam Stall

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your pastor? Here it is. In this short board book you’ll find dance moves paired with Bible stories. What’s not to love? Warning-Some people will find this book sacrilegious and inappropriate, however, I think we need to laugh. My favorite dances are The Pilate Shuffle and The Apostolic Conga. In The Pilate Shuffle, you get to shuffle around the dance floor, wash your hands, and act like a chicken (see Matthew 27:24-26 for a sampling of Pilate’s part in the story). To do the Apostolic Conga and bring more people to Jesus, you start a conga line and invite others to join you. It is obviously one way of living out the great commission from Matthew 28: 19-20.

This book makes the people and stories of the gospels come alive (Lazarus even makes an appearance) with humor and wit. I highly recommend this book as a gift for the pastor or seminarian who needs a laugh and, maybe, some new dance moves.


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