A Prayer in Times of Uncertainty





So much does not make sense in our world today and in the time we remember this Holy Week. We understand how easy it is to be joyful on Sunday. We waved palms and shouted Hosanna! We understand how easy it is to get swept up in the frenzy and soon we are denying who we know and are hiding in fear.

God of All, We do not understand senseless violence. We do not understand hurting others even when we cause the hurt. This week in the church and this week in our world leaves us with many questions.

Faithful God, Give us the courage to ask our questions and not rush to answers. Give us the courage to seek answers through wisdom and patience. Give us courage this holy week as we follow you, Jesus.

We want to follow you and yet we may deny you. We may run away. We may hide. We will be scared. Forgive us and give us the courage to try again.

Be with us this week when the story is so familiar that we forget how difficult it is to remain faithful when uncertainty is all around us. Amen.



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