A Prayer for All Who Love Us

God, You said it wasn’t good for us to be alone. You called us to be in relationship. Today, Loving God, we would like to give thanks for those who love us. We are not perfect. We are not always easy to love. We forget birthdays. We are late to lunch with friends. We change plans at the last minute. We think we are too busy to listen. We do not want to ask for help or seem vulnerable.

God, you call us to be in relationship, and we thank you for our friends, colleagues, and family who forgive our mistakes and love us anyway. We thank you for our church family who know you call us beloved and treats us as your beloved children. We thank you for friends who answer the phone at 2am and rush to sit with us at the hospital. We thank you for family who remember when we were young and see us as we are today.

Increase our awareness of how much we gain from knowing each other. Faithful God, we thank you for everyone who journeys with us. Amen.

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  1. Caroline

    Great post. So many journeys with so many wonderful and loving people. Wise words to “let us increase our awareness of how much we gain from knowing each other. “

  2. SusannahDB

    Thank you so much, Caroline! I appreciate you continuing to read and have gained so much from knowing you!

  3. Marydebenedettoi

    Dear Susannah
    I love reading these thoughts! They give me pause and also make me smile.
    Mary deBenedetto

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