A New Tea Set

As you know, I like tea. You may not know my Mom loves garage sales. I remember having garage sales with my family and searching for treasurers at others’ sales with my Mom and our amazing neighbor, Helen. Back then, we’d check the newspaper for the garage sale listing before setting out on our journey. You never knew what you might find that someone no longer wanted. I have acquired many books (and other treasures) over the years from garage sales. And I still enjoy stopping at yard sale today.

So what happens when you combine a Mom who loves garage sales and a daughter who loves tea? A new-to-me tea set. My Mom would want you to know she got it for the bargain price of $1.50. (Getting a good deal is an essential part of going garage saling).


I’m looking forward to trying out this new-to-me tea set after it makes its journey from Illinois to Maryland. When I do, I’ll think of my Mom and how she shared her love of garage saling with me. I know I will get her money’s worth out of this garage sale treasure.



  1. Amelie

    Very pretty set. I am having a tea party for my daughter on Saturday….your tea set is a bit fancier than what we are going for. 🙂

  2. SusannahDB

    Amelie, I hope your daughter’s tea party goes well on Saturday. To me, tea parties always feel fancy even if the tea set isn’t fancy at all.

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