Book Review-Beyond the Passion


Beyond the Passion: Rethinking the Death and Life of Jesus Stephen J. Patterson

Emotional Response-5

Scholarly Response-6

This book has been sitting on my shelf for years. I purchased this book from my seminary bookstore because it was written by my New Testament Professor. I loved his class. I learned so much from his book, The God of Jesus. I still reference it regularly when teaching and preaching. Finally I dug into this book, and I was not disappointed. Let me describe Steve as I knew him. He is a scholar and a man of faith. He pushes and challenges your assumptions and ideas of Jesus in ways that are sometimes painful. And if you stick with it, you will learn and grow. Steve writes in a manner that makes difficult topics easy to read. I was shocked by some of what I read and so fascinated that I had to read on.

In this book, we read about Jesus as victim, martyr, and sacrifice using these three concepts as they were understood by Jesus’ contemporaries and contemporaries of the writers of the New Testament. And I recognize that this review is much longer than most reviews I write. Because this topic hits so close to our hearts, I wanted to include as much information as I could about this book. I’d love for you to read the book, and I know that may not happen. So here is my review.

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Sun Tea

sun tea

Growing up my family drank tea. Not the delicious hot tea I enjoy today, they usually drank Lipton iced tea. In the summer, it was most often made as sun tea. We’d place our sun tea jar on the picnic table or steps to let the sun do the hard work of turning tap water into tea. Now there is evidence that this method does not get the water hot enough to kill all the potential bacteria. I do not remember anyone getting sick from sun tea when I was young. My point here is not to debate the merits of sun tea. I wanted to share memories of seeing my family enjoy drinking tea together on hot summer days. My parents got rid of our sun tea jar a few moves ago, and yet I still remember it.

I’d encourage you to reflect for awhile on summer memories. Feel free to share with others or in the comments section. Of course, I’ll give bonus points if your summer memories include a cup of tea.

Happy Summer! Happy Reminiscing!